I’m a Boston commercial and lifestyle photographer, specializing in colorful and authentic story-telling images.

I was a curious kid. I always had either a paintbrush or a camera in hand. It was a constant obsession – chasing light and working to preserve moments that mattered. Photography has taught me to be open-minded and always ready for an adventure. I’ve lived with the Hadzabe bushmen tribe in Tanzania, hunting and gathering. I road tripped through New Zealand, encountered several car breakdowns, and was saved by salmon fishermen. There’s never a day where I’m not dreaming of my next adventure.

I left a corporate career to follow my a photography passion. My previous life in management consulting got me addicted to excel and thinking in bullet points. This addiction still lives on. I suppose some things never change!

You can usually find me with my Siberian Husky, Sledder. I’m always on the search for sushi, fried chicken, and dark chocolate


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